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Our journey will begin with just one step. One step inside is all that is required for you to fully experience the real reason why Fleetwood so fittingly named this hauler the Gearbox.

Are you Experienced?
Now that I’ve stated to you the importance of the Gearbox hauler, I’ll take this time to pinpoint the logic that supports my experience with this coach.

Freedom: It’s the reason we flee the known to quench our thirst for the unknown. It’s the feeling of uncertainty, breaking your routine, the rush of trying something new! On the other hand, we still posses the basic need for survival; we require food, drink and other luxuries that allow us to maintain a certain level of comfort in our lives. Well, the Gearbox is that level of comfort. It draws the line on convenience, but allows you the freedom to walk away and do your thing, to come and go as you please (wow, that’s better than most relationships). See what I mean?

Space + Proper Placement= Happiness
Next I will address the issue of clutter and freedom from it! The Gearbox has plenty of storage space, but the most important factor of this space is how it is utilized. If you could have the garage of your dreams with more than enough space for everything you could imagine, that would be fantastic! But what if that garage was on the other side of town, or maybe in another state? At some point this dream garage would begin to lose its value to you. What we all need is plenty of storage areas that are easily accessible so that we don’t spend more time unpacking than we do relaxing.

Fortunately Fleetwood has been in the RV business long enough to understand the needs of RVers and has addressed the issue of Gearbox storage with open arms and ears. Every square inch of prime real estate on this unit has been allocated for the end user’s beck and call. A great extension of this factor is seen in the very forward tip of the trailer, the front cab pass thru. In this area Fleetwood has engineered the floor plan to accommodate a convenient storage space with ample sized doors on either side that are built to store items like fishing poles and other sporting goods.

Looks that Thrill!
Beauty is much deeper than the skin on this Gearbox, as you’ll soon see. In this bad boy it sinks right down to the bone! To put it bluntly, the interior of this coach just screams, “take me out, rough me up, then wipe me down and I’ll still be there in the morning.” What more can I say? Isn’t this what you’re looking for in a trailer? It has its rough edges, but it goes down smooooth.

The interior colors are pleasing to the eyes, the fabrics are comfortable but rugged, the hardware is built to handle kids, and the entire interior is easy to clean. The kitchen and bedroom sinks sport smooth molded finish one piece countertops with cabinets that are inlaid with a brushed/stamped aluminum inserts that match the horizontal blinds. There’s a ceiling fan in the living area for those warm days and then there are two ducted a/c units ready to handle the heat load on those hot summer nights. Aside from the barrage of over and under head cabinets, you’ll find tons of room overhead throughout the Gearbox. There’s so much space for storage that one could consider it somewhat of a challenge to fill every nook and cranny in this monstrous unit.

Drive it Home!
Last, but surely not least, I want to mention the 720 watt seven speaker stereo system (with subwoofer). During times of musical appreciation, you needn’t be alarmed by someone driving into your camp with a loud vehicle trying to kick proverbial sand in your face by overpowering your unit (no way). With just a touch of a button (located on the exterior of the coach) you can send that bully packing without even hearing them drive away (oh yeah).

You want your LCD? We’ll the Gearbox has got ‘em, so bring along your video games and you’re ready for a quiet evening (did I say quiet?). With a floor plan of this nature you’ve got over twenty-one feet of cargo area at your disposal while sporting a true outside width of 102 inches. This single bedroom slide floor plan allows maximum floor space for storing or living, the choice is up to you. Overall I believe that the Gearbox is a Toyhauler built to stand on its own and hold that stance firmly.

For more information on the Gearbox Toyhauler or any from Fleetwood vehicle please visit or call 877-645-4726.

-Mike Martin

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