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Remember when it didn't matter where you slept? The back of the truck, you and your sleeping bag was all that you needed. We didn't need no stinking bed! And then it happened. All of sudden somewhere between 25 and 31 years old, a good night's sleep starts to matter. So now that we need a place for everyone to have their own space, we wanted to see what we could find in after-market beds for all the different types of toyhaulers. We wanted them for both factory models and especially enclosed trailers where the sleeping arrangements can be pretty weak. We found three different companies that supply a variety of beds to give everyone the space they need for a good night's sleep. Each one has a little different fit and we're sure that you can find something that will work in your rig.

The first bed we looked at is provided by Hickory Springs Manufacturing. They have several models available and they come complete with mattresses. These beds work especially well in the cargo areas of the trailer. The beds fold up to the wall, only taking up a few inches of space.  They come in single bed styles, bunk style, and one model has a single top bed with a full underneath. You can reach Hickory Springs Manufacturing at 1-800-643-2102 or online at

The second company we looked at was Blazin Bell Tech. Their beds are closer to the factory beds that your trailer probably came with. They offer an excellent replacement or addition to any type of trailer. They also have a dinette unit that converts to seating for the table and then drops down to a bed. All of these beds also fold up to the wall with only a few inches of inward intrusion. You can reach Blazin Bell Tech at 702-453-8383 or visit them online at

The third company is Race Trailer Products (RTP). This bed is the replacement for the older trailers that have the 'fixed' upper bunk in the rear of the trailer. Everyone that has one of these types of fixed beds knows that they are a pain to access. RTP has developed an electric bed option that can be installed and then lifted or lowered to the desired height for sleeping. This installation will require some electrical wiring and a little customizing. RTP can be reached by phone at 951-781-3066 or visit them online at

Hopefully you found just what you needed to upgrade the sleeping arragements in your rig. Send us some pictures of your product install and tell us how it went. We will pass this information on to the manufacturers so they can continue to develop these products for us. -THM

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