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For those of you driving half ton pickups, have no fear, because the toyhauler industry can hear you loud and clear! For many years RV manufacturers built trailers mainly to accommodate those folks driving trucks with higher towing capacities, but not anymore. Due to advancements in both technology and engineering practices, the RV industry is building toyhaulers with all of the same amenities that are available on their heavier cousins. Weight and capacity are always important factors when it comes to hauling any trailer, so RV manufacturers really did their homework and carefully engineered their floor plans to reduce the load on the lower capacity tow vehicles. Now you, the end user, get to benefit from past planning and bask in maximum comfort and storage in the largest possible space available.

What we are going to share with you today in this review are toyhaulers from five different manufacturers. Each one of these units are more than willing to get you out of the house and into some serious outdoor fun. So prepare yourself...sit back, relax, and let your imagination run free!

Black Diamond

Our first unit is a brand new design by Holiday Rambler called the Black Diamond. This diamond in the rough sports a unique front wedge design that conveniently utilizes every inch of available forward space into the floor plan, allowing you more storage space for toys and other items you may choose to take along on your trip! The front wedge design would also seem to be a plus when towing, since this advanced aerodynamic look should slice through the oncoming wind and send it smoothly along the side of the trailer, creating less friction and increasing the overall mileage of the tow vehicle.

Nestled in the depths of the Black Diamond is a ten inch I-beam frame with extra support in the garage area for those heavy toys. Riding just under the frame are 5,200 lb. axles with 4 easy lube hubs, making it easy for you to grease the wheels.


Fleetwood Enterprises has created the Nitrous series of toyhaulers to expose off-roaders to a new concept of a sport injected time in the great indoors as well as the great outdoors. The eye catching tribal graphics and the smooth flowing ABS front cap are sure to catch the eye of all onlookers much like a new sports car rolling off the assembly line would. But this trailer is not just for looks, OH NO. Don’t be intimidated by its lighter weight...this baby’s a hauler at heart!

Rock-solid construction is the term Fleetwood uses to describe the sturdy aluminum framework that lies under the structurally enhancing glossy fiberglass exterior. On the deck there are some really great interior and exterior colors, standards, and options—enough to keep mom, dad, and all of the kids occupied for many long hours. Heck there’s even a security pet attachment for this trailer!


Weekend Warrior Manufacturing builds the Superlite line of toyhaulers, a lighter version of their most popular units and then some. Now these haulers may have shed a few pounds, but they still have all of the die hard ingredients that you’d expect from Weekend Warrior. That’s right there are a lot of floor plans to choose from. So get your printer ready, because it’s gonna be working overtime!

It’s amazing to me that a company that has been in the toyhauler industry as long as Weekend Warrior can introduce so many new features year after year with such great success. This year is no exception. When it comes to features the Superlite series will quench your thirst for amenities and still allow you to hitch up your half ton or SUV and take it to the outdoors. With options like the billet interior or the billet exterior you’ll get great looks along with your well built hauler.


Rage’n Inc. produces its half ton friendly brand of toy box under the name of Xtra-Lite. The Xtra-Lite is a unique and attractive trailer that sports the fit and finish of a new home. Items such as the one piece shower and double insulated roof add to the comfort and convenience of being able to wind down at the end of the day. The Xtra-Lite floor plans are built to offer a balance of living and cargo space without going too far in either direction.

For protection, polyurethane inner wheel wells protect the Xtra-Lite against rust and debris while the addition of the steel Z-Rail allows the side walls to be bolted directly to the frame, ensuring a unified connection with the rest of the coach.


Last, but definitely not least, we come to the Outlaw unit built by Carson Trailer. This roomy unit sports standards like smoke tinted windows which will really help keep the sun rays from invading on the comfortable climate controlled interior package that will serve you well as your home away from home. When it comes to cargo room, this little trailer has it all dialed in. Among the large cargo space, this hauler is fitted with all of the appliances and sleeping needed to keep you and your family comfortable and happy, day or night.

Now that we’ve given you a taste of the lighter side of life, go ahead take a bite! There are no calories to count when it comes to these units, so don’t hold back!

-Mike Martin

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