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We have known for some time that Alfa Leisure, the original toyhauler manufacturer, was remodeling their very popular unit they call the “Toyhouse”. We are always excited when we hear things like “revolutionary” new design. These concepts are so new that we just had to go to their Chino, California, manufacturing plant to see the very first ones rolling off the assembly line.

The changes start with the frame rails which are moved in to allow a full basement all the way around the perimeter. This design lets them rearrange where options are usually placed, creating a lot more useable space. The A/C is actually mounted in the underbelly of the rig, meaning no roof top unit to deal with and no condensation running off the side of the coach, which can leave those big black streaks. At the very front there is another really neat design where they have taken the nose cone and turned it into a fully functional awning. Under the awning there is a full-size sliding window to the master bedroom. The bedroom has a slide and a horizontal queen bed. Alfa also added an ingenious bathroom door design that has two entrances and allows people in the rear of the coach to use the bathroom without having to go into the bedroom.

This rig can entertain many people. The living room has a massive slide and table set up that can have one or two tables, converts to a giant bed, and it also has storage underneath each couch. This area can also seat 7-8 people.

We liked the kitchen. It had good counter space with composite Corian countertops and a trash system that allows you to drop your trash through an access door in the countertop into a trash can that is removed from the outside.

The electronics package is complete with a 32 in. stereo primary TV, another 19 in. TV in the bedroom, and of course, a Dolby Digital 5.1 DVD/CD/MP3 home theater system with surround sound.

Now for the loading information. The measurements through the door are 90.5” wide by 80.5” high with 12’9” front to back in the separate garage model. You add an extra 2’ (approx.) without the vapor wall. There are a good number of cabinets for all of your gear. The storage bay also converts to a spare bedroom with a wall-mounted gaucho. Alfa is offering two different ramp options — the usual full-size door ramp or a removable three piece ramp system. The ramps are easy to stow away in a separate compartment.

So now you’re asking yourself … if it doesn’t have a ramp, then what’s there? Alfa put in barn-style doors with built-in windows. The idea is if you open the front bedroom window and the rear barn door windows you will get air flow through the rig that is usually not possible.

Alfa Leisure has been building RVs since 1971, are family owned and operated and were one of the first production factories to build units that could haul toys. Their “Toyhouse” has been in production since 1988 and they are not afraid to try new things. This trailer has so many new and different ideas that you really need to check it out for yourself.

In case you were wondering what ALFA stands’s “A Loving Family Affair.” You can contact them at (909) 628-5574 or visit them on the web at - THM

Features list for the Alfa Toyhouse

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