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Over the past few years we have received many requests for coverage on an entry-level toy hauler that every one can afford. One company has dominated this particular category and continues to develop rigs for every budget. This is not to say that they can’t pull out the big guns when necessary, because they build trailers all the way up to 42 feet. However, they have a great understanding of the “Everyone needs something” concept. The name of this company is Carson Trailers. One thing that puts Carson in a different category than any other manufacturer is the scope of trailers they build. They truly have a trailer for any need you could possibly have. Since we’re ToyHauler Magazine we’ll start with the very affordable “Rebel”. Appropriately named for its price, size, and the ability to pull it with just about any type of vehicle, the Rebel really is in a league of its own. It flies in the face of manufacturers who say, you can’t build a trailer that inexpensive. At a mere 6 foot X 14 foot this tandem axle trailer has enough room for a variety of different toys. It comes equipped with a two burner stove top, toilet with shower, one gaucho that coverts into a bed, and just enough closet space for your riding and racing gear. It also has a thermostat -controlled heater and comes pre-wired for an antenna and stereo. The Rebel fits in every budget and maybe even in your garage. With an MSRP under $9,000 it’s almost impossible to find a brand new trailer to get you “in the game” for any less. The Rebel is just the beginning of an extensive line-up of toyhaulers that Carson builds. The next step up is the Fun Runner line that has more creature comforts and more loading space but still has that very affordable price tag. Called the “Titan” these units come with A/C, optional double electric rear queen bunks, fuel stations, and generators.

If you take another step up from the Fun Runners you come to the Carreara line of Carson Trailers. These are more of a custom enclosed trailer with all the comforts of home. We say custom enclosed because these trailers have smooth sides and considerably more weight capacity and actual loading space than most factory style toyhaulers. They have good looks and most importantly you can now haul full size cars, jeeps and a variety of other racing vehicles, not just smaller toys.

Bill Modisete owner of Carson trailers is no stranger to the motor sports world. Racing his vintage Porsche on road courses across the U.S. while his son is tearing up the go-kart circuit, they are definitely a “toyhauler” family. We bring this up because at Carson they understand the need for motor sports enthusiasts to have enough in the budget for the toys — this is what makes the toyhauler necessary. They also understand that most of us are going to work after a weekend of playing so they build trailers for every trade.

The flat bed line-up starts with a 4x6 single axle trailer and tops out with an 8.5x 24’ heavy duty, tandem axle car hauler. Some of these flat beds have ramps and others have the full tilt bed option. Carson even has a huge triple axle goose neck hauler that looks like it can fit at least three full size cars. For all of the construction people out there, they have you covered with a few different sizes of hydraulic dump trailers. And not to leave the landscapers and clean-up crews out, Carson builds a variety of mesh screen enclosed trailers.

After looking through this feature you should have a pretty good idea of what you can expect to see at your local Carson Trailer dealer.

If you would like more information and pricing you can reach them at 310-516-1057 or visit them on-line at


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