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 Next Level Features & Specs

When we first heard that Holiday Rambler (a division of Monaco Coaches and one of the premium motor coach and travel trailer manufacturers) were building a toyhauler our minds were filled with the possibilities.

Then we found out the name would be "Next Level". “HMMM....Next Level,” we thought, “Now, if you were going to build a toyhauler, you had been building high-end travel trailers since 1966, and you decided to call it the “Next Level”, where would you start?”

Well how about leather! Soft, plush comfortable leather. And to all of you who think leather and off-road don’t mix, think again. We have talked to several owners of units with leather interior and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Holiday Rambler has never been afraid to go big and there is no exception here.

First, let’s touch on the construction of these trailers. The frame is all aluminum cross members that run the length of the unit. Then, each intersection is double welded to increase strength. The roof system is made up of a nine-layer process that includes three separate insulation components. This, combined with the six layer walls, provides excellent resistance to temperatures above 100°F, while the optional, fully-enclosed, six layer floor provides protection for holding tanks in cold weather.

As we told you earlier, Holiday Rambler added leather for the seating areas, but there were also other very nice interior touches added to this rig. The sink was extra wide and deep with an extendable faucet for cleaning pots and pans. The fixtures, appliances and blinds were matching with a very cool-looking brushed nickel finish. The cabinets provide a separate TV area and enough room inside the cabinets for two rows of helmets. Above, they are equipped with mesh nets to take advantage of the extra room on top of each run of cabinets. The front bedroom had a huge entrance and the length of the bed was the full width of the trailer, so taller people will fit comfortably. The bedroom also had a separate TV cabinet. The rear king size bed is offered with electric operation as an option. You also have slide-out, bunkbed and separate garage options on these trailers.

Now, lets talk about loading space. All the Next Level toyhaulers have a dove tail rear on the trailer which does two things. First, it provides a nice shallow loading angle for loading toys, especially lowered ones that could bottom out where the ramp meets the trailer. Second, this allows the trailer to be built above the wheels so you do not have wheel wells inside the unit. You can see by the pictures that we were able to drive a lifted golf cart into the trailer with out having to remove the top. These carts stand over 80” tall. That combined with the 94” wide rear door and 20+ feet of loading space provides enough room for many combinations of toys.

Holiday Rambler is currently building four different models of toyhaulers. They are the 34’, 36’, and 37’ fifth wheels and the 33’ tag trailer, which is the unit we have been describing. The list of options are plentiful on these units and should be able to fill the needs of the most discriminating toy owners. If you’re ready to step up to the Next Level, then call Monaco Coach Corporation at (800) 245-4778 or visit them on line at to find a dealer near you.


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