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Getting the most out of your trailer is always a good thing. Sometimes the right accessories can really make a huge difference in the useability of your home away from home. That’s what we have here with the OutBack Awning by Carefree of Colorado.

They have developed an awning system that hangs over the rear of the ramp of your trailer. Obviously providing extra shade, but it also provides a place to hang their new screen room addition. The awning is the removable style. The primary hardware for the awning is mounted around the rear of the trailer. This requires a few hook and latch type components to be added to the outside. These will later provide a nice tight fit for your awning and screen room. They will also be where the “legs” for your awning attach while not in use. The awning itself is really pretty easy to put up, you just need to practice a few times so you know which order to go in. Now, this is where it gets interesting. Carefree has developed a cable system that “levels” the ramp with the rest of the trailer, creating a floor. The cable and hardware are easily attached and removed from the rear of the trailer. The pre-fit screen room simply attaches to the awning by way of heavy duty zippers. The lower portion of the walls have eyelet holes that all meet towards the center of the bottom of the ramp. A multi-hook bungee cord pulls up the slack and “VIOLA” as much as sixty extra square feet of space. There are a few different things to note about this set-up. The ramp can be put into the closed position while the awning and screen room remain set-up. The cable system has a 3500lb weight capacity, but your ramp, most likely does not. So do not use this system as any type of lift. As you can see by the pictures, this would also make a great “garage” for the toys. The kit also comes with stakes for securing the room while the ramp is up. The inside of the lower portion of the walls have pouches for sand etc. to provide extra weight to the screen room.

For more information on OUTBACK Awning by Carefree of Colorado please call 303-469-1152 or visit


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