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SportChassis' P4XL
Trying to find the right words to describe SportChassis’ all new P4XL is a daunting task. Known for their Freightliner-based tow vehicles, SportChassis threw caution to the wind and developed the all-new P4XL. Everything about this truck is big! The footprint says it all with a 174-in. wheelbase, 100-in. width and 264 inches from front to back. People WILL see you coming down the road. Speaking of the footprint, this unit is not a dually. It has four burly Michelin XZL 425/65R 22.5-in. tires and, as with all things that SportChassis builds, the looks are simply “off the hook!” The standard engine is the Cummins ISC, an 8.3L diesel, rated at 330 HP with a 1000-ft/lb torque. More than enough power to pull your boat up that slippery ramp and take all your friends and toys to play in the sand.

While we’re speaking about the power options available, it’s important to realize that this ultimate tow vehicle is a four-wheel drive. Activated by shift-on-the-fly technology, you will be sure to have the power where you need it, when you need it. The rear end differential houses a 4.56 gear ratio which will get things rolling with ease and if you’re worried about load weight, the 17,500-lb rear air suspension and 10,000-lb front axle should settle any concerns. The option package is extensive and offers everything you need to reflect your personality. One unique item included in the package is an adjustable hitch that looks like it was made for the military and will allow you to choose just the right height for your trailer. Stopping this monster truck comes via anti-lock air brakes.

The interior matches the exterior in terms of its high quality and good looks. The Limited Edition is available with Italian leather-wrapped interior, a suede headliner and other exotic features. Your new P4 will come standard with SportChassis’ trademark Passive Noise Reduction System designed to eliminate road and engine noise. Sitting in the captain’s chair, looking over the dashboard, you can’t help but feel superior to all other vehicles around you.

All the controls are at your fingertips, which will allow you to control the custom-made Pioneer sound system designed specifically for the P4XL. With voice activated touch-screen GPS navigation, satellite audio, iPod integration, and Bluetooth technology, even the diehard electronics whiz will have his hands full. Adding rear and side view cameras as well as a forward-looking infrared night-vision camera by FLIR, and you truly have it all. The interior is very spacious and can comfortably fit four or five depending on which option you pick.

Looking at P4XL as a whole, we can sum this vehicle up with the saying “What’s not to love.” It’s a giant diesel-powered 4x4 towing machine that will surely leave everyone in your riding club green with envy.

If you would like more information regarding the entire line of SportChassis’ tow vehicles, you can call 800-358-7624 or visit them online at


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