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Road Trips

Coral Pink Sand Dunes
Coral Pink Sand Dunes - 2009-05-19

For last year's summer vacation trip, we decided to explore Southern Utah’s Coral Pink Sand Dunes. Ahhh! Coral Pink, a place that has been on my trip list for years. The Coral Pink Sand Dunes is a Southern Utah State Recreation area located roughly nine miles west of Kanab and less than a mile from the Arizona border.

Exploring the Desert
Exploring the Desert - 2009-02-23

My journey started on December 26, 2008. I left my small hometown of Ramona, CA, heading to North Shore for some camping and riding. I headed through the hills and down through the very quaint town of Borrego Springs, then headed north and over to the northeast side of Salton Sea to North Shore. This is not one of the nicest towns; it is somewhat dilapidated and unkempt...

Oceano Dunes 2008
Oceano Dunes 2008 - 2008-12-03

The Oceano Dunes, better known as Pismo, on the Central California Coast, has been open for off-road vehicular traffic for more than a century. The park became a state vehicular recreation area in 1971 and currently enjoys over 2,000,000 visitors per year, making it California’s most visited park. Each weekend, thousands of families enjoy the only beach in California that allows camping and motorized recreation. The annual contribution to the local economies has been estimated at $200 million. Sounds like a win-win situation for all those involved, doesn’t it?; not according to a few environmental groups and homeowners who have been ferociously battling to close the park for some time.

Glamis 2008
Glamis 2008 - 2008-10-02

After almost ten years of traveling thousands of miles to explore all of the major Western United States sand dune areas, our little group of Central Valley Californians, I like to call the DuneChasers, finally experienced Glamis for the first time. And I don’t use the word “experienced” lightly. As we found out, Glamis is not just a weekend destination but an experience of a lifetime that one won’t ever forget.

Over the Moon
Over the Moon - 2008-08-19

The Nevada desert--it conjures up visions of hot, dry, barren expanses, devoid of life and color, but add about 5,000 feet of elevation and that image changes dramatically. Hungry Valley Recreation Area, home to the infamous Moon Rocks, is a departure from the usual desert image. About an hour north of Reno, nestled between Sparks and Pyramid Lake, Hungry Valley again played host for an annual gathering of friends called CalNevOre--thirteen rigs converging in the desert from Nevada and California, some travelling over eight hours to share our love for off-road riding, family, and the usual excesses that accompany any gathering of Hooligans!

Stagecoach Festival 2008
Stagecoach Festival 2008 - 2008-06-13

Welcome to Stagecoach Festival 2008, May 1st, 2nd and 3rd, 2008, nestled in the scenic town of Indio, CA, surrounded by mountainous views and palm trees. The 2nd annual Stagecoach Festival was an incredible gathering of camping, partying, tailgating, PBR rodeos, as well as country music; no doubt a successful weekend that far exceeded anyone’s expectations.

Prairie City Grand Prix 2008
Prairie City Grand Prix 2008 - 2008-06-13

The first two weeks of 2008 were for the most part wet, cold, and miserable. The New Year pounded the Northern California landscape with one wet storm after another. Scheduled for the third weekend of January, conditions were looking pretty dreary for the Polka Dots Motorcycle Clubs 30th annual running of the Prairie City Grand Prix off road motorcycle race. The weather gods had much different plans, however, as the clouds parted and the sunshine beat down on Prairie City Off Highway Vehicle park for the entire week preceding the event. Nearly perfect riding conditions greeted the host club and racers for two days of exciting race action.

So Cal Rally 2007
So Cal Rally 2007 - 2008-02-13

So Cal Rally IV presented by ToyHauler Magazine returned to the Spangler Hills OHV Area on Veterans Day weekend 2007.

Swamp & Spanish Trails
Swamp & Spanish Trails - 2007-12-13

Recently, I tackled two of the more popular advanced OHV routes within the designated areas, the Spanish Lake trail and the Swamp Lake trail.

2007 Oregon Sand Dunes
2007 Oregon Sand Dunes - 2007-10-01

Located just north of Coos Bay is a densely forested seascape dotted with dozens of brackish lakes of the deepest azure with ribbons of the brightest sand woven in between them. This is a duners dream—from the towering dunes of Winchester Bay to the technical trails of Spinreel and Horsfall, the Oregon Dunes have something for everyone.

UTV Rally
UTV Rally - 2007-08-08

Moab, Utah. Every self respecting Jeeper and ATV rider has heard of it. Moab is to these off-roaders like Hawaii is to Surfers, like Aspen or Vail is to Skiers. If you call yourself an off-roader you have to visit Moab at least once in your lifetime. Moab is host to many annual events such as the annual PRCA Rodeo, the Moab Iron Horse Rally, the annual Jeep Jamboree, and the Easter Jeep Safari. After last month’s successful event, Moab can be called home to the annual UTV Rally. Now before I go any further, for those of you who’ve been living under a rock lately, a UTV is a Utility Terrain Vehicle or Side by Side. So far Yamaha, Polaris, Arctic Cat, & Kawasaki are leading the market with many more manufacturers jumping on.

Coral Pink Sand Dunes
Coral Pink Sand Dunes - 2007-06-11

Coral Pink has blue skies, juniper and pinyon pines, and steep red cliffs, the park is a wonderful place for camping, photography, off-highway vehicle riding, and playing in the sand.

Widowmaker - 2007-04-03

When the dunes in the southern states become crowded in the winter months it may be the ideal time to hook up the toyhauler and head north for some winter activities. Northern Utah is the perfect place for all types of winter activities especially snowmobiling. People come from all over the country to compete in the Widowmaker Championship Snowmobile Hillclimb!

St Anthony Sand Dunes
St Anthony Sand Dunes - 2006-12-01

We headed to Idaho to check out the 10,000 acres of smooth sand in the St. Anthony Sand Dunes.

2006 Fillmore ATV Jamboree
2006 Fillmore ATV Jamboree - 2006-10-03

Ready to raise the bar on your family road trips? Located 150 miles South of Salt Lake City in central Utah is the town of Fillmore. For the past 19 years, Fillmore has played host to the National ATV Jamboree. With great access to the Piaute ATV trail, this Millard County town has become the gateway to some of the most scenic riding Utah has to offer.

Roosting by the Sea
Roosting by the Sea - 2006-08-01

What’s not to love about riding off road, it’s a roller coaster of events. From the minute you hit the sand it starts. Navigating through the sand, hopefully without getting stuck, traversing waterways, again hopefully without getting stuck. Then, finally settling into just the right spot where you and your family will call home for the next few days. Down comes the ramp, out comes the toys and “POOF”, instant family fun. From our online forum to readers’ pics featured in “Braggin Rights”, the Oceano Dunes at Pismo Beach is one destination that is always filled with family fun.

Moab Jeep Safari 2006
Moab Jeep Safari 2006 - 2006-06-09

I have been hearing for years that Moab, Utah was the place to be for Easter, if you wanted to see the high tech world of rock crawling. Much to my delight we got an invitation from the Red Rock 4-Wheelers Club ( This is the club that sponsors the vendor expo and raffle at the Old Spanish Trail Arena, just south of Moab. If you are into jeeps and/or rock crawlers this is one event that you really should check out.

K-Frog Poker Run
K-Frog Poker Run - 2006-04-11

Over the weekend of January 28th, an invasion of nearly eleven hundred frogs took over the small town of Boardmanville, California.

Dove Springs
Dove Springs - 2006-02-09

WOW, what a great time we had at the 2nd Annual So Cal Rally!!! We went to Dove Springs OHV Park in California which is just north of Mohave. I would like to start by thanking Eric and Wendy Durkee from Lancaster for hosting and organizing the event this year. I know they had help from others, so I take off my helmet to everyone that participated with this rally.

Buttercup Dunes
Buttercup Dunes - 2005-12-05

The Imperial Sand Dunes located in Southern California are the largest sand dune formation in the United States. Stretching across 40 miles and over the border into Mexico, this is one of the best places you can go for off-road recreation.

Road Trip: Sturgis 2005
Road Trip: Sturgis 2005 - 2005-10-06

We woke up Wednesday morning just ready to ride. So we got our motorcycles and headed out. Finally, the part that I have been looking forward to for years — riding my motorcycle around the Black Hills of South Dakota!! I have heard the stories for years and it was finally my turn. YES I WAS EXCITED!!!!

Road Trip: Las Vegas AMA Supercross Finals
Road Trip: Las Vegas AMA Supercross Finals - 2005-06-14

We went to Nevada in the beginning of May to check out the THQ Supercross Finals at Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas. The weather was perfect in the mid 80’s, the people were friendly and enjoying every bit of the race atmosphere. As if the Supercross finals were not enough, on Friday night we got to see the MiniMoto SX (these are modified little 50cc motorcycles) where five #1 AMA plates were given away to the different men and women racing divisions (yes, I said men and women because I saw more of them racing then the kids). The racing was intense, these racers were totally serious about winning, the racing packs stayed real close and it was very exciting.

Daytona Bike Week
Daytona Bike Week - 2005-04-14

Bike week is a festival that spans three counties and ten days, during which there’s something for everyone. There’s racing and rocking, from the bike bash to the Cabbage Patch, where the earlier mentioned coleslaw wrestling takes place. Yes, that is actually an annual event and one of my personal favorites. The two most common events however, include “bike-watching” and more importantly “bike-flaunting.” These bikes are their babies; people work hard for them and are there to show them off.

Road Trip: Gordons Well
Road Trip: Gordons Well - 2004-12-06

Gordons Well, California, is another great sand place to ride and camp in the Imperial Sand Dunes. The dunes are located almost right between San Diego, CA, and Phoenix, AZ on Interstate 8. Its just west of Yuma, AZ and north of the Mexican border. Gordons Well is more of the family riders place to go. The crowds and parties do not compare to those at Glamis, which makes for a more peaceful and less stressful trip (usually). People here seem to take a little more time to clean up their areas. This makes for a nicer camping environment

Road Trip - Pop Secret 500 NASCAR
Road Trip - Pop Secret 500 NASCAR - 2004-10-01

Well, we had such a good time at the last NASCAR race that we went to and California Speedway was doing its first night race under the lights, The POP SECRET 500; so it seemed only logical to go to the races and check out all the new toyhaulers and see the ways the fans use their space to make it the best for themselves and their friends.

82nd Annual International Pike\'s Peak Hill Climb - The Race to the Clouds
82nd Annual International Pike's Peak Hill Climb - The Race to the Clouds - 2004-08-10

This majestic mountain is located in Manitou Springs, Colorado, and attracts racers like myself from all over the globe back again and again for the competitive challenge between man, machine, a time clock and the 12 miles of twisty mountain road that leads you into the lap of heaven itself.

Laughlin River Run 2004
Laughlin River Run 2004 - 2004-06-08

This year’s River Run was awesome, just like always. It was filled with events, good riding, beautiful women, and some of the best looking motorcycles that you’ve ever seen. If you’ve never been to an event like this you probably don’t realize that the number of vendors and manufacturers is really astounding. Almost every new product you could imagine was showcased. Superchargers, turbo set-ups, custom paint people, new ways to haul street bikes, clothing, chrome, billet aluminum and enough leather to make you think that you had gone to heaven.

Dumont Dunes
Dumont Dunes - 2004-04-23

If you have never been to Dumont, these are some of the biggest dunes you'll ever see. These piles of sand are very intimidating if you are not an experienced dune rider. The first time over the top of the ridge on one of these monsters can be breathtaking. If you are into high speed at the dunes, this is the place to go.

Ocotillo Wells
Ocotillo Wells - 2004-04-23

Ocotillo Wells is great for all levels of riders. There is flat and easy desert riding, some fun little hill climbs, a real technical single track, and some advanced hill climbs for the more experienced riders. The desert is good for all sorts of vehicles as well. We saw rails, motorcycles, quads, and 4x4s. More than 70,000 acres of desert are available for recreation and exploration as shown here, with rangers and staff dedicated to providing a safe and enjoyable riding environment.

Glamis - 2004-04-23

Picture this, 190,000 people, more RVs than you could possibly count and five times as many off-road vehicles. People from all over the United States flock to this Southern California OHV park for the holiday weekends. Thanksgiving is the busiest of them all and many of the families have had this tradition for generations.

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